Learning Through Games started in 1996 when college student Aaron Dean started teaching part time at Canterbury school in Fort Wayne. He started a chess program that taught kids logic and mathematics through chess. His unique teaching technique surprised teachers and parents alike. Teachers have traditionally used the same methods for hundreds of years. The "Learning Through Games" method makes learning chess fun and exciting without sacrificing content.

LTG is now at many different schools/churches/homes and has several teachers all personally trained by Aaron Dean Himself.





Summer Camps 2017 (links included). 


may  30 to june 2     westfield linbray 10 15 to 115( pay through me )   $95


june 5 to june 9 orchard school 9 to 12 https://orchardsummercamp.org/


june 12 to june 16     a chess camp and a strategy game camp  ( zionsville)http://www.zcs.k12.in.us/apps/news/article/680331


june 19 to 23    chess camp and a Bughouse chess camp http://www.zcs.k12.in.us/apps/news/article/680331


Park Tudor school   june 26 to june 30  chess and strategy games camp  https://www.parktudor.org/summer


orchard school chess and strategy games camp   4th of july week https://orchardsummercamp.org/


sycamore school  july 10 to 14      chess and strategy game camps   https://www.sycamoreschool.org/page/programs/quest-summer-camps


july 17 to 21      orchard school bughouse   https://orchardsummercamp.org/


july 17 to 21   st malichy brownberg  full day


july 24 to 28 Park tudor chess am bughouse chess PM    https://www.parktudor.org/summer


july 31 to august 4th      st ritchards school  https://www.sresdragons.org/extracurricular/summer-camp


aug 7 to aug 10th startegy games and chess   riviara club     http://www.rivi.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/2017_Summer_CampBrochure_Spreads.pdf